Olive grove - Greece / water colour on card board
Painting at the Cob - Lyme Regis / oil on canvas board
The Cob at Lyme Regis - oil on canvas board
Old mill, Tekse, Transylvania (oil)
Barn in Kászon - Transylvania / oil on canvas
Landscape of Kászon - Transylvania / oil on canvas
Towards the Carpathians - Kászon, Transylvania / oil on canvas
Village in Crete I - water colour
Village in Crete II - water colour
Shadows in New Radnor - oil on canvas board
Beeches in Sunset - watercolour
Snow melt stream, Transylvania (oil)
Seaton Hole,Devon(oil on canvas board)
Chiltern beeches (watercolour and gouache)
Summer valley Transylvania (oil on board)
Beer beach. oil on canvas board
small sky study in oil.
Rain in Radnor valley (oil)
View from the house( 4 hour practice piece)oil
Sekler gate (oil)
Haystacks, Transylvania(oil)
Village houses, Transylvania (oil)
ireland plein air.jpg
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