I have been painting quite a lot recently although the small amount of daylight we get at this time of year restricts it somewhat.I don't like to paint in artificial light so when the daylight does go I tend to work on drawing or drawing out paintings where colour is not too important. Funny to be painting summer scenes in a way but I suppose its to do with a longing for an end to winter.

Vargyas jan18.jpg


I do find it fascinating to be able to see which country the visitors to my site are from . There is a geographic section in the site where this info is available. How wonderful to see that I have had visits from people across the globe, all continents. Thankyou all, present visitors, past visitors, whoever you are , I hope you have found something to enjoy. Please visit again

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First daubs 2018

I am not a great believer in New Year resolutions but I do feel the need to start the year as I mean to go on so here are a couple of small oils in development one of which was started on the first of January 2018. As actually starting painting is one of the biggest  hurdles for me (along with finishing of course) I do find it necessary to simply 'do something' , anything almost, good bad or indifferent, simply to get going. I find now that even sketching out with a brush in some dirty old paint from the bottom of the turps jar is enough to set me off .

As ever there are many other paintings at various stages of progress so I hope to continue to post in the near future

Bridge 2018.jpg
Gilwern 2018.jpg

July 2017

It's been a busy year for me as a film scenic artist so my own work has been somewhat neglected as there simply hasn't been time. I have managed some as yet incomplete pieces so I thought I would post them here.Looking forward to getting back to easel painting in earnest very soon.

started or finished ?

I have posted some photos of recent work here partly in the hope of some feedback. As far as I am concerned these paintings are in the very early stages, the lay in , the sketch, getting the feel of a new composition. My partner thinks otherwise and has told me not to do any more to them.She likes the immediacy and fresh feel. I really don't know what to think although perhaps a style could develop instead of the usual realistic conclusion that I usually strive for.

This is a more accurate photo in terms of tone.

This is a more accurate photo in terms of tone.

Summer 2017

I have noticed that many visitors to my site do look at the blog.Sadly they only find a very old post and I feel a little ashamed about that. I do find it difficult, as a one(or2) finger typist, to find the time but I hope I can change that.

Last year my concentration was on painting pictures and the Lanscape Artist competition. This year has so far been mainly taken up with scenic art on films being produced in Budapest so my own painting has been somewhat sidelined.

In August there will be a visit to Transylvania. This is a favorite Plein Air location of mine an I am looking forward to that very much. Hopefully some new paintings will be up on the site later in the month.

If you have been, thanks for reading.